2014 Quartzsite Rally



Alfa Rigs 1

Rigs lined up

Alfa Rigs 6

Additional Rigs

Alfa Rigs 4

Many Rigs



Susan briefing everyone on various status


Bottoms Up - Hotdog Dinner

Bottoms Up – Hotdog Dinner

Breakfast in a Bag

Gathering around for the Breakfast in a Bag

Gathering Roadrunners

Some of the many gathering held


Fire Demo – Practice

And Existing members – John and Fran Kurz

New Members – Dale and Hedda Sather


Sheriff Anita Herrick – Dinner


Deano indeep thought

Deano In Deep Thought after Getting the Fire Going in the Morning


Wendy Showing Her Style

Wendy gathering everyone for the photo op


Roadrunners Gathering for

Look getting ready


Roadrunners Gathering

Almost ready

Roadrunners Gathering For Photo Op Final

It’s Done

Heading out

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Heading Out - Bud

One by One


Heading out - Another one bites the dust

Until Only 1 Thing Remained

Alfa Sight with Name

Laying here waiting for the Next Rally